Cursing Asna

This morning, Brazil was going against Germany at the World Cup. I went down to see the household members watching the match inside the living room. It was already 5 – 0 then.

Reza was clearly frustrated. Although he’s not particularly a fan of Brazil, he placed his bets on the team online for some football challenge the night before — so he wanted them to win. When Brazil failed to score, though, it wasn’t only him who was making noises.

“Ah, fui!”

I was sitting beside Asna, who was having sahur at her dining table that’s facing the TV. She was disappointed, too, that Brazil was losing — a team she discovered that morning and supported, “for no reason”.

Shortly, another depressing moment came for the both of the supporters of what would be the losing team. Asna shrieked:


She just spelled shit.

“You swear, now?”

She tried to scale down the magnitude of what she just did:

“I don’t say the word. I spell it.”


“Or I say it in another word.”

“Like what?”

“Like if I’m mad I’ll say, bed sheet!”


Suka hati Asna lah.

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