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Exploring Jiyugaoka

Throughout the years of exploring Tokyo, I think both of have seen most of Tokyo’s more popular attractions. That said, we were keen to visit places that we haven’t been to. My friend, Aida, who had just returned from the city suggested that we visit Jiyugaoka. She says it’s a really nice and relaxing place which reminded her of Melbourne.

With no exact plan for the day, Reza and I took a train on the Toyoko Line from Shibuya and within 10 minutes from the city, we arrived at Jiyugaoka, a neighborhood in the Meguro ward in Tokyo.


Jiyugaoka is a posh suburban neighborhood and one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo. Just outside of the station, we could see that it’s bustling and lively, but certainly nowhere as crowded as the heart of the city. We were told to look out for the shops at Jiyugaoka, because they’re apparently very interesting. True enough, surrounding the boulevard where we stood were fascinating shops and cafes with tempting and well-thought window displays.



Took a stroll along the lanes. Unlike the people at Shinjuku or Shibuya, the people at Jiyugaoka weren’t so much in a rush. It’s a pretty chilled place. On benches, we saw people just hanging out, having a drink and chatting.

If you like to shop, you’d enjoy Jiyugaoka. You’d be able to see international high street stores like Zara and luxury labels like Theory, sprawled a kilometer radius from the exit of the train station. Walk further and you’d be able to find gems along the small lanes, specialty shops selling vintage items and boutiques selling local fashion items and bespoke suits.

Jiyugaoka also has plenty of patisserie, bakeries, cafes and restaurants, carrying different concepts. Like one restaurant may look Japanese, but the furniture shop beside it may look English and the cafe opposite it, American. It was like being in a truly global area.





There’s actually plenty to do and experience at Jiyugaoka, but we weren’t prepared. If we have more time the next time we’re in Tokyo, I don’t mind going back; but before that I’ll make sure we have a proper plan.

Learn more about Jiyugaoka.

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