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Floral Skirts and I Part II

Three months ago, I stumbled upon an Alice + Olivia skirt. The Pia Pouf Skirt is a gathered and full floral skirt which reminded me so much of the skirt I used to twirl in as a child. I have a weakness for playful skirts in large and bold floral prints like this. It was love at first sight.

The thing that stood between me and the skirt was its price: $330. A skirt for $330 WTF. I may be more willing to spend that much on bags that I’d use over and over and have high resale value, but for a skirt that I won’t wear as much? Spending that much is insane unless I were filthy rich. Or if the outstanding amount of my credit card can magically repay itself after I pay for it.

Someone suggested that I find a lookalike skirt to satisfy this yearning — I thought about it, but no. I couldn’t get my mind off this.

I bookmarked the page where I found the skirt and even saved a picture of it on my phone. I kept on showing it to Reza, asking him the same thing I ask him when I find something I like:

“Cantik tak?”

By the 7th time I asked him he was already shaking his head (I admire his willingness to entertain my pointless opinion-seeking). He said when I find something I like, I’d end up getting it anyway. Over and over I told him that with that price point, it’s close to impossible.

The more it seemed unattainable, the more I felt challenged to get it. I scoured the net to see whether any retailer was putting it up on sale… for weeks.

Several sites have put it on sale, with some ending up being sold for one third of the retail price. Luck wasn’t on my side since the skirts that were on sale have sold out or ran out of small sizes. I didn’t give up and persevered. Then, one fine day, I saw the price of the skirt being slashed on a website… which had my size. Hah!

But no, I wasn’t going to buy it, just in case the price was going to be slashed even more (don’t we hate that?!) So I waited and waited for days, until I saw that there was only one of the skirt left in my size.

I thought that this was probably my only chance. If I waited any longer, it’d be snapped up and I’d end up being heartbroken. So I added it to the cart, checked out and hoped that it would reach me very soon.

How did I feel? Somewhat relieved.

The skirt arrived last week.


I was surprised to receive a heavy parcel. When I opened up the bag, the skirt was there, in all its floral glory. Took it out to realize that there were layers and layers of thick fabric that’s apparently crepe, making up the skirt. Don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I when I held the skirt, I could feel that this was a piece of clothing well made.

I tried it on. The skirt ended just above my knee, which is awesome because it looks modest when worn. Size, though, is like a consistent problem for me with any American label. It was the smallest size, yet instead of hanging on my waist, the skirt hangs on my hips heh. Not too big of a problem — it was solved with the help of big fat diaper pins, discreetly tucking part of the waist in.


The skirt itself? Perfect! It’s bold and as it name claims, it poufs! Met my expectations and I was so happy with it that I let it stay on my laptop desk for a few days so I could admire it. In fact, after wearing it for the first time last weekend, I hung it outside my wardrobe until today so I’d still be able to admire it.

Now I can twirl like Saloma like I used to.

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  • Avatar
    July 24, 2014 at 6:43 AM

    You and your online shopping adventure is always fun to read! Haha.
    If you don’t mind, it’d be helpful if you can enlist the sites you usually browse and find excellent bargain for your readers reference. Everyone should know where to shop! Haha.

    • Avatar
      July 24, 2014 at 8:25 AM

      Yeah that’s a good idea Farah. U should do that Mia.

      • Avatar
        July 24, 2014 at 6:23 PM

        yes you should do that! on how do you shop from these US shops and all. PLEASE =)

        • Avatar
          July 25, 2014 at 8:32 AM

          OK no hal. I’ll begin my draft!

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