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Getting married I

Days leading to the akad nikah, I was running errands 24/7. Because I’m very hands on (or rather have trust issues with work done by others), I ended up overseeing a lot of tasks. Aware of what I was going through, my fiance, whom I had not seen in days, sent flowers over in an attempt to make me feel better, a gesture I find very thoughtful.

Reza + Amira-015

So, days before the big day, the bridal bedroom was finally complete! For the past week I’ve been sleeping on my mattress on the floor, while the room redecoration was in place. Now that the bed and walls were painted, the mattress back on the bed, the curtains hung up, the sheets neatly placed on top of the bed, the light bulbs changed and the room cleaned, I could sleep properly again.

The canopy was set up just before the day. From my room the canopy looked decent, but from the ground, it isn’t as spotless as I’d imagine. Figured there are more things worth doing than demanding for an exchange of canopies, so I turned a blind eye.

In the evening, my relatives came. The house was packed and lively — there was dinner, solat jemaah and a brief on tomorrow’s ceremony. My talented aunts and cousins took out the flowers I’d brought home and started arranging them. That’s also when my cousin, Ika, arranged the hantaran for my future husband.

Ari Wedding Couture, the decorators, came and began setting up the pelamin that night. While they were setting the panels, I noticed that they’d brought the wrong one -_- Had to tell one of the flower arrangers that there must’ve been some sort of misunderstanding. They made calls and arranged for the right panel to be shipped to my house. Knowing I hired a great team, I let Ayaji oversee the pelamin the whole night while I did something else.

Sometime after 10PM my Makyong applied henna on my fingers. I was already so exhausted. When they were done about an hour later, they wrapped my hands and feet with plastic bags and I tried going to sleep. Sadly, my skin was allergic to the henna that I ended up waking up at 3AM, tearing the plastic bags off, washing the henna off my fingers and then scratching them. I tried sleeping again, but it was so hard to. I’m the type who can’t sleep late, because it’ll show on my face — I feared that I’d wound up looking like a zombie in the morning.

I never had the time to process what was happening — the fact that I was about to get married. I suppose not being able to sleep meant that it was just me, finally being nervous.

That morning, just like before, Ika woke me up. Just like before, I resisted and ignored her. When I opened my eyes, I could feel how swollen my face was. Die die die.

“Cikyong, bangun. Najeeb dengan Afnan nak sampai dah!”

Why did I agree to having the akad nikah in the morning?! T.T

Dragged myself out of bed, took a shower and got dressed. Then someone went down and told the makeup artist, photographer and videographers who were having breakfast downstairs, that I was ready. It took me a while to get off the bed and get ready that I made them wait for me. Fail.

My makeup artist began dolling me up, while the photographers and videographers did their jobs. One by one my bridesmaids arrived in their dusty green kurung (except for Ika and Aishah who slept over). While being made up I tried to sleep lol.

Reza + Amira-069

Although that I looked like a zombie when I woke up, my makeup artist managed to make me look decent. I was done after about two hours and was asked to put my dress on.

Reza + Amira-070

After I was done with the dress, scarf, veil and, shoes and bouquet, I took pictures with the girls.

Reza+Amira-Aishah Reza+Amira-Amanda

Reza+Amira-Muni Reza+Amira-Liyana

Make a caption!

While we were taking pictures, someone went up and told me of the commotion that was going downstairs — there were suggestions on changing the arrangements of the seats or props or something, but I was told that my mum went against it, knowing that I wouldn’t agree. See, you think your parents don’t care about your thoughts, but know that they do!

Reza + Amira-143

Anyway, at the same moment, Reza was getting ready with the help of his friends, at a mosque nearby, the sort of brand new Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jemaah. It’s where his family and friends bertanggak in the morning.

Reza + Amira-200

While the ladies and I try to control cun, the Reza and his men were fooling around at the mosque and taking awesome pictures.

Reza + Amira-255

Reza + Amira-237

There was also ample time for him to practice the akad nikah with both his pengapits lol.

Reza + Amira-216

All the practice may be the reason the groom looked exceptionally calm -_-‘

Reza + Amira-268

Shortly after receiving the cue from my side, the groom’s entourage arrived at my place and were greeted by my family members.

Reza + Amira-317

As I was in my room the whole morning, I had no idea what was happening downstairs. While the ladies and I were sitting in the room, my relatives went up and told me to get ready.

Reza + Amira-319


“Pihak pengantin lelaki dah sampai!”

The thing that crossed my mind was, “So soon?!”

(Story continues here.)

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      LOL. Sorry Farah, didn’t want to overwhelm readers with many photos at one go. The next post is up 🙂

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