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August 2014

  • Tokyo

    Visiting the Tokyo National Museum

    We started our journey in exploring museums in Tokyo by first visiting the oldest and largest museum in the city, the Tokyo National Museum. It’s located at Ueno,…

  • Asna

    Asna’s best meal

    Last night a childhood friend was getting engaged and hosted an open house. I asked Asna if she wanted to tag along, but she was more keen to stay at…

  • Tokyo

    Desserts at Sweets Forest

    When you’re in Jiyugaoka, I was told, you must have sweets at Sweets Forest. It’s one of the major attractions there. Sweets Forest is supposed “theme park” located at…

  • Work

    Our early birthday cake

    Before the end of last weekend Amanda, Nad, Tania and I agreed on having dinner to celebrate the birthdays of the August babies: Tania and I. To be honest,…

  • Asna

    Whatever Asna

    Whenever Asna’s not in the mood to entertain any of our remarks, her usual response would be: “What-ever.” It’s annoying when she does that. Although she’s been doing it…

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