Asna’s best meal

Last night a childhood friend was getting engaged and hosted an open house. I asked Asna if she wanted to tag along, but she was more keen to stay at home and told me she’d pass.

This morning, while she was having breakfast she asked:

“What meal did you have at the engagement?”

“Oh last night?”


“There was mee bandung.”


I don’t think she was actually impressed.

“I had a better meal.”

Of course -_-


Enthusiastically, she explained:

“I had nasi goreng and kicap.”

“Bibik buat?” I asked.

“Yeah… She delivered it to my room!”


That’s how simple Asna can be. In her world,  even plain rice and a fried egg is satisfying enough when it’s prepared by the best “cooker” ever in the world that is Bibik.

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