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Pancakes for breakfast

Among the presents we received when we got married was a pancake making set by Liyana. Took me eight months to finally make use of it.


It all started when I was shopping at Jaya Grocer a few days ago and saw a pancake mix and maple syrup on offer. The picture of the buttermilk pancake on the bottle looked so good, I was tempted.


I intended to strictly shop for vegetables and fruits and things I could use to make breakfast that day… considering that pancakes are eaten for breakfast, I reasoned that it shouldn’t be wrong for me to buy them. I quit hesitating, grabbed them both and stashed them into my cart.

So as planned, during the weekend I whipped out my pancake pan from the box, prepared the pancake mix and cooked it. After close to an hour (I seriously need to improve my cooking efficiency), TA-DA! Eight pieces of big, fat and fluffy pancakes served with fruits and maple syrup.


Actually very good (expected, since it’s from a mix hah!) We actually had trouble finishing them because they’re so filling!

Next time, I’ll be trying the gluten-free version of the pancake mix. Better yet, when I’m more rajin I’ll do it from scratch with organic flour, milk and eggs. Mmm.

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    Smart Dad
    August 9, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    Wow, very healthy breakfast!

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