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September 2014

  • Asna

    Wrecking pearls

    Recently I’ve been wearing the earrings that Reza had gotten me more regularly. Asna noticed the earrings and had several things to say every other time she sees me…

  • Tokyo

    Hooters at Akasaka

    When you’re up for western food joints in Tokyo, where do you head to? We went to Hooters, a chain restaurant from the US that serves things like burgers, chicken wings,…

  • Asna Family & Friends


    Different people grow up being exposed to different things that influence their beliefs. I find it amusing that although all of us stay at the same house, I get…

  • Wedding Diaries

    Getting married: The hall

    My wedding reception was held at Dewan Merak Kayangan. Before we decided on the hall, Mama shortlisted several halls that could cater to a sit-down event for 500 pax and…

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