Hooters at Akasaka

When you’re up for western food joints in Tokyo, where do you head to?


We went to Hooters, a chain restaurant from the US that serves things like burgers, chicken wings, salads, seafood and sandwiches. The restaurants are most known for the Hooter Girls i.e. waiters with hot bodies, dressing in scantily clad uniforms who take orders, serve food, chat with customers and chant and dance every hour — which explains why guys love Hooters. In the US Hooters is a lot about breasts and beers and likened to a strip club, but it Tokyo, it’s a lot less notorious.

Figured I should check out what it really is. I had to chaperone these two anyway:


At buffet restaurants in Japan, customers are usually given a time limit so that they won’t take advantage of the buffet system and wouldn’t occupy the seats at the restaurant for too long. Even though Hooters isn’t a buffet restaurant, we were given a time limit, too. It’s about 1 1/2 hour.

We were led to our seats. Instead of greeting us with “いらっしゃいませ!”, the Hooter Girls were all saying, “WELCOME TO HOOTERS!”

In an American accent!

Surrounding us, were expats, couples dating and group of friends. It was just before 5PM.

A girl in a low cut tank top and hot pants came and took our orders. There was no need for me to practice my limited Japanese skills — Hooters waitresses take orders and repeat them in English. We ordered our own set of fish and chips and calamari rings for sharing. The portion was generous, as expected of an American joint. Food was OK, but better than other chain restaurants that’s around.


So while we’re eating I get to see the boys check out girls. In between they make faces when they caught each other checking out the same girl -_-‘ So if people ask how my brother and (then) fiance bonded, I’d say checking out Hooter Girls lol.

The majority of the Hooter Girls are very good looking and perky — from how they talk and walk pun you can tell that they’re just trained to tease! Customers, however, aren’t allowed to take pictures of them without consent, nor are they allowed to make any sort of advances to the Hooter Girls.

Reza told us to eat slowly. He says we should take our time so that we’ll be in time to watch the Hooter Girls show. After a while, we saw the girls rearranging the tables and chairs, started to stand side by side and did their mengada dance moves. Nothing hard core, but it’s still PG and Asna wouldn’t approve. Everyone in the restaurant just cheered and clapped their hands.

Girls went meh, but the boys were having the time of their lives *roll eyes*.

Once the show was over, we were ready to leave. At the exit, Reza told Man that he could take pictures with the Hooter Girls. Usually, this was the chance for men to hold the Hooter Girls by the waist and take pictures with them. Man is not very used to meeting sexy girls, so when these two girls stood closely beside him and struck their pose, he awkwardly kept his distance, avoiding from being sandwiched by boobs lol!


Showed this picture to my parents and they all laughed at him hahahahaha.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience. If you’re feeling like having more authentic western food in Tokyo and want to have some fun, head on to Hooters. Just make sure you avoid rush hour, because the queue to get into the restaurant can be super long.

There are several Hooters outlets in Tokyo. The one I went to was at Akasaka. Just exit the Akasakamitsuke station and you’d be able to see it:

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    September 24, 2014 at 10:46 PM

    haha. i’ve been to hooters in the US mmg terbeliak biji mata. but my exp was like ‘meh, that’s all you can do?” on the dance part. hahaha.

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