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Getting Married: The reception makeup by Sue Cantik

As mentioned in a previous post, the search for the makeup artist began very early (9 months to be exact) because I knew that the end of the year is a popular time for weddings, which meant that I needed to secure good makeup artists before their slots were gone.

There were several makeup artists I’d considered and called, but I decided to book with Sue Cantik for the reception, after reading several positive blog reviews on her work and service.

On that Saturday, Sue Cantik and her assistant arrived at the hotel at the time agreed and waited for an hour for the bride and groom to arrive. I kept on apologizing for being late, very sorry to keep them waiting, but she kept on assuring me that it’s fine. On the way up, she kept on mentioning how slender and tall I was and likened me to a model lol (I assured her it’s the heels).

In the room, I sat on a chair facing the window. My hair was dried, tied and clipped. Before she began touching my face, she made me wear a huge black bib, like the kind you wear at a salon. Although I had thought about how I wanted to look that night, I kept quiet and let Sue Cantik artist do whatever she wanted, giving her the autonomy to work on my bare face.

Amira + Reza-008

As she was doing my face, she shared her experience as a makeup artist, not forgetting gossips in the makeup industry. Macam-macam dia cerita. Here’s one thing about her that you need to know — she’s incredibly hilarious and a great company. All of us in the room were kept entertained with her stories and we laughed so much!

Knowing that I was hungry, she even let me eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich as she was doing my face and told me not to worry about making a mess.

Memang chill gila.

After she was done with the makeup, she asked me how I’d like to do my hair. I knew I wanted a wear a bun, but as for the hair accessories, I wasn’t sure. I showed her my options — a chiffon veil and crystal hair pieces. She didn’t think any of them would go well with the whole look. After creating the bun, she proceeded to cut the orchids from a vase inside the room, and stuck them on my bun with hairpins, a completely impromptu decision.

Amira + Reza-114

Memang cool gila.

Here’s the look for the night:

Amira + Reza-117

My super smokey eyes were complemented with soft, natural brows.

Amira + Reza-143

Topped off with some color on the lips and cheeks.

I was a bit concerned that there was too much color going on, but Sue Cantik and maid of honor insisted that some color would make me look great in photos. OK.

After 2 1/2 hours we were done.

I wasn’t sure what to make out of the outcome. I thought I looked a little too bold. That said, I understood why the makeup this time needed to be heavier than my akad nikah. This was after all, a reception that’s held at night. After staring in the mirror for a while, I got used to the look.

Before I left, Sue Cantik gave me a lesson on how to salam other people during the reception and taught me how to handle hugs and kisses so that I’d be able to preserve the state of my makeup and hair lol.

The reception began. Guests were telling me I looked beautiful, but it’s something everyone tells every bride they come across so I couldn’t take them seriously heh.

Looking at the pictures now, I see that the makeup really did end up looking subtle, just how I wanted and I recall it lasting all night.  Even after the reception ended, I looked as if I was just made up:

Amira + Reza-827

I’m happy with how it turned out. I think Sue Cantik’s makeup made me look more alive in reality and in pictures and lasted for a long time, compared to the makeup in my previous events!

Here’s why you should hire Sue Cantik:

  • When she makes you up, she knows what she’s doing and she makes you look fabulous for hours and hours.
  • From my experience here, she’s punctual, forgiving, kind and amusing. Felt like she’s very genuine. Despite being one of the more sought after makeup artists in the industry, she is no diva!

So for a great makeup job and a great time (plus, tips on how to salam your guests without ruining your makeup and hair), please hire Sue Cantik.

You can her work on Instagram.

Sue Cantik’s rate as of last year was RM1000 per session.

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    October 9, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    Hi Mia, lace apa yang you pakai for your wedding dress tu ya?

    Already beaded ke Yadotsa yang tambahkan beads?

    • Avatar
      October 11, 2014 at 9:50 PM

      Memang beaded dah rasenye.

    • Avatar
      November 16, 2014 at 11:27 AM

      Whoops, sorry for not replying sooner! The lace is already beaded.

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