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October 2014

  • Asna


    We always make fun of Asna and liken her to monkeys — we call her Monkeyna because she can’t sit still and is often loud. When we see a…

  • Asna

    Asna’s science teacher

    Asna had trouble understanding the things that were written in her science textbooks. Science isn’t her best subject. All that, super confusing to her. Understanding concepts in science in primary school didn’t…

  • Tokyo

    Discovering Tokyo with RM1000

    I love going back to Tokyo, said to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. At least I thought. Let me tell you this: it’s a myth!…

  • Asna

    Asna makes bracelets

    Here’s Asna’s current obsession: loom bands. Mama brought boxes of them home one day, she said it was a request from Asna. The next thing I know, it’s…

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