Asna spits

Here’s one of the ways I sakat Asna: I threaten to spit at her.

When she’s naughty, I’d pin her down and pretend to spit on her face. I accumulate some saliva (it’s disgusting, I’m aware), show it to her and konon spit… only I don’t spit, but suck the saliva back. It’s just a trick an old neighbor taught me many years ago.

While pretending to spit at her when she was a toddler, I lost control and mistakenly spat on her face lol. She was traumatized at that time, but I still continued doing it when I wanted to scare her. These days she would retaliate by pretending to spit at me back.

We don’t actually intend to spit at each other, but it’s always a thrill to run from each other when one person is doing the threatening because out of 25 fake spits, 1 might become real when we fail to control out fake-spitting technique… get it?

A couple of nights ago, we were playfully arguing over something and she threatened to spit at me. Disappointed at the amount of saliva she had (it’s so little that it didn’t seem like a threat at all), she ran to the bathroom. When I heard the tap running — I knew she was planning to fill her mouth with water to spray at me!

So I crept beside the bathroom door and just when Asna — imagine this — with pouty lips and inflated cheeks that’s full of water, wanted to come out of the bathroom… I totally sergah her!

Poor girl jumped out of shock and her “water supply” immediately burst, leaving her hair, body and the bathroom mat soaked.

Sigh so dumb.

Being Asna, she ended up laughing hysterically at her own misfortune.

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