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Getting married: The reception

Amira + Reza-842

My wedding reception was very short and straightforward. It satisfies the basic things that anybody would expect from a wedding reception — the upacara bersanding, the upacara merenjis, plenty of food and the cake-cutting ceremony. To plan a seated wedding reception at night can be super exhausting, but we did what we could with the limited time and resources we had and it turned okay.

(It’s almost the anniversary and it took me this long to wrap up the reception post lol.)

Few days before the reception date, I booked rooms at The Majestic Hotel for the bride and groom and the maid of honor and best man to get ready. Also, to take pictures at the compounds of the gorgeous hotel after all of us were ready. Although the hotel’s a bit of a distance away from the reception venue, I booked it because I was at the time so smitten over the gorgeous hotel, thanks to the bridal shower Amanda arranged for me a fortnight before.

Amira + Reza-008

We arrived at the hotel later than we’re supposed to T.T The makeup artist and photographer were already there, waiting for us. Without wasting any more time, we got ready, dolled and dressed and had fun while we were at it  — Sue Cantik (the makeup artist) and Afnan Omar (the photographer) were great company.

Amira + Reza-174

By the time we were finally done, though, there was no time left for pictures at the hotel sobs.

So off we went, in our handsome black Jetta, courtesy of my eldest uncle.

Amira + Reza-182

We left the hotel and headed to the venue, Dewan Merak Kayangan earlier than the other people who were at the hotel with us i.e. the photographer and pengapit… but somehow we ended being the last to arrive heh.

Once we reached the hall, it seemed like everyone was waiting for us. Had a glimpse of what was inside the reception hall — it was almost full!

I heard the playlist that Liyana provided for me, playing on the speaker (I outsourced the music function for the reception, because when it comes to this, I count on nobody else).

Amira + Reza-2161

Senior aunties and uncles led us to the VIP holding room to say hello to our VIP guests.

Amira + Reza-397

The floor manager figured it was time, so the reception began. The professional, polished and proper emcees that Mama had hired invited the VIPs to take their seats in front of the pelamin.

Amira + Reza-350

Reza and I waited at the entrance, ready to walk the red carpet once the music started. Asna, the sole flower girl who was supposed to lead the bridal entourage was a little nervous, I think, because she was quieter than usual. Tense, even. See her attempt at smiling, under pressure:

Amira + Reza-342

The strings quartet began playing Moon River. The hall was dark and the spotlight was on us. We walked on the red carpet, slowly heading to the pelamin, while greeting familiar faces who were seated near our path.

Amira + Reza-378

Nervous? Not at all. We cool.

Amira + Reza-547

The pelamin had a white backdrop, white panels with edges shaped like ice and carpets as white as snow. Combined with my icy blue dress, it looked as if we’re inspired by Frozen.

Doa was recited after we’ve sat and settled down.

Amira + Reza-427

Then, the VIPs gracing our day were called to the stage for the merenjis ceremony. The gamelan started playing (the hall’s default music for merenjis). One by one, they came up to the stage to give us their blessings, while everybody else watched.

Amira + Reza-572

Then, the emcees invited the VIPs to the main dining table. We, the bridal entourage followed suit. Dinner time!

Amira + Reza-620

The guests in the hall had a rotating buffet server on each of their tables, so they can eat as they please without having to move, something I had wanted all along — so everyone could enjoy dinner with minimal movement.

At the main dining table, it was different. There were no rotating buffet servers as the waiter/waitress served the dishes directly to our plates instead. We were entitled to better selection of dishes and fresh fruits, which is fine… except that the portion that they gave for everything was too small. Too segan to ask for additional serving, since everyone else seated beside me… ate so little.

As for the food, trust Felda D’Saji for good food. People told me they loved it.

Amira + Reza-597

During dinner, we were entertained by the strings quartet I hired. I can’t remember what they played for the whole night except for Moon River -_-‘ Mind was elsewhere. Or rather, concentrating on conversations.

High schoolmate and good friend of Reza and I, Nabil Zamanhuri and his band also went on stage to sing and play for us. Nabil could’ve been an awesome emcee, I realized, after he started opening his mouth and started blabbing to the guests how Reza and I met at school and how we’ve stuck and ended up with each other despite a more than half a decade long worth of LDR. Finally brought the reception a more personal touch!

Time flies by quickly when it’s your own wedding. Before I knew it, half an hour had passed and it was time for my parents to give their brief and straightforward speech, thanking their guests.

Amira + Reza-6451

After that, we returned to the stage once more, this time without our entourage, for the most redundant part of the reception ever, the cake-cutting ceremony. Here’s a cake I didn’t mind cutting because it looked pretty good.

Amira + Reza-666

We got up the stage again, cut the cake together, had bits of it, pretended like we’re really enjoying ourselves and smiled for the cameras. TBH it’s super awkward, man.

 Amira + Reza-675

But you know what this meant? We’re done for the night, woohoo!

Short and sweet, told ya. Time to walk toward the entrance with the rest of the family to bid goodbye to the guests — the only time we properly mingled with those who came. Everyone offered us congratulatory wishes as they exited the hall. So nice to see everyone.

Those close to us went back to the hall to take pictures with us on the pelamin, willing enough to wait up until midnight to . Actually my favorite part of the whole reception. Took pictures with the 10 family units from Mama’s side of the family (she has 10 siblings), after that pictures with school mates, college mates and office mates with their partners.

Amira + Reza-763

Amira + Reza-789

Amira + Reza-744

Amira + Reza-745

Amira + Reza-769

Amira + Reza-746

Amira + Reza-817

Of course… one picture with the uber calm maid of honor, my little cousin (who’s more grown up than I am in the head) Ika, who kept me sane.

Amira + Reza-785

Well, I suppose it’s a wrap. Guess that’s all from my side, folks.

Amira + Reza-673

Once again, I’d like to thank the family, friends and colleagues who spared some time for us that evening to celebrate our big day. Your presence, assistance, wishes, presents and ang pows mean a lot to us and we appreciate them a lot. THANK YOU!

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  • Avatar
    November 17, 2014 at 3:16 AM

    The wedding is very beautiful, Mia.
    Congratulations, again.

  • Avatar
    November 17, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    such a stunner Mia! Congratulations again 🙂

    • Avatar
      November 17, 2014 at 9:43 PM

      Thanks, Neen. Wish you were there!

  • Avatar
    November 20, 2014 at 3:20 AM

    You are so beautiful mia

  • Avatar
    November 21, 2014 at 8:00 PM

    Congratulations!!! Beautiful wedding & u’re so beautiful!!!

    Love ur blog, always! ♥

  • Avatar
    December 17, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    Hai Mia, you look so beautiful..But by the way..i wanna ask u, do have any sangkut paut dengan Nik Ireena Nona? You dengan dia macam kembar..

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