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December 2014

  • Style Diaries

    The BCBG blazer

    Out with the in-laws this one time. They were shopping for clothing items at Isetan. I wasn’t. It’s been ages since I last shopped for clothes at a…

  • Asna

    The time Asna met Santa Claus

    5 years ago, after visiting me in Melbourne, Asna met Santa Claus at the Tullamarine Airport. She was shy, Mama said, but you can see how excited she…

  • Japan

    Traveling with the Suica card

    When you’re in Japan, you’ll be relying a lot on public transportation to get around. Buying train tickets from the vending machine can be easy, but having to…

  • Tokyo

    Bento at Hotto Motto

    Looking forward to have some cheap eats in Tokyo? Try Hotto Motto! Hotto Motto is a chain bento restaurant. You’ve probably seen Japanese bento being sold in supermarkets…

  • Tokyo

    The Japanese garden at Sensoji

    (This is a post looooong overdue.) I’ve gone to the Sensoji Temple at Asakusa many times by now. This one particular time was made more interesting… because it’s…

  • Asna

    Asna’s obsession with Minecraft

    Asna is still obsessed with Minecraft. Considering that she’s usually into a new thing every other few months, an obsession that lasts this long is a big deal.…

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