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December 2014

  • Style Diaries

    The BCBG blazer

    Out with the in-laws this one time. They were shopping for clothing items at Isetan. I wasn’t. It’s been ages since I last shopped for clothes at a…

  • Asna

    The time Asna met Santa Claus

    5 years ago, after visiting me in Melbourne, Asna met Santa Claus at the Tullamarine Airport. She was shy, Mama said, but you can see how excited she…

  • Reza

    The thing with side stones again

    Many months ago I blogged about having to replace one of the side stones of my wedding ring. Not long after that, the side stone fell off. Again!…

  • Japan

    Traveling with the Suica card

    When you’re in Japan, you’ll be relying a lot on public transportation to get around. Buying train tickets from the vending machine can be easy, but having to…

  • Thoughts

    Gender inequality

    Gender equality. What does it mean? It means that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender, unless there is a…

  • Tokyo

    Bento at Hotto Motto

    Looking forward to have some cheap eats in Tokyo? Try Hotto Motto! Hotto Motto is a chain bento restaurant. You’ve probably seen Japanese bento being sold in supermarkets…

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