Asnasays #1

Asna talks a lot. There are plenty of things she has said that I wish I could share, but instead of putting them in separate posts, I thought of compiling the short conversations we’ve had in one post every now and then.

Here are the conversations that we’ve had with her this week.

Discussing where to eat

Asna: I want to eat pizza.

Me: I want to eat sushi.

Asna: That’s all you know.

Learning the meaning of douchebag

She read the earlier post I wrote about her.

Asna: Why did you call me a douchebag?

Me: Do you know what it means?

She shook her head.

Asna: No.

Me: Douchebags means jerk.

She gasped.

Asna: What! You call me a jerk?

I tried to make her see that she is a jerk.

Me: You call Mama fat!

Mama: Yes, she calls me fat.

Asna: … but jerk is worse! It means *whispers* asshole!!!

 Being OK with being a douchebag

Later, Mama started scolding Asna for making a mess and as usual, I tried to make it worse for her.

Me: You always kena marah dengan Mama kan? What a horrible daughter you are!

She took no offence.

Asna: Of course!

Then, with a naughty face, she raised her eyebrows and whispered:

“… I’m a douchebag!”

Pulak dah -_-

Being told off for calling people fat

Mama isn’t really fat… so she takes offence when Asna calls her fat lol.

Mama: You call me fat, when you grow up, people call you fat, baru you tau.

Asna thought about it and pretended to cry. She stopped rather quickly and said she doesn’t care, singing loudly:

“I don’t care what they’re going to say, let the storm rage on… even when they bully me anyway!”


Fed up of being scolded

Asna: Mama always scold me! It’s not fair. She never scold both of you. If this continues for another 100 years, I will run away from home!

Me: You’ll be dead by then. RIP. How are you going to run?

Asna: OK make that 50 years. If this continues for another 50 years, I will run away from home!


Reflecting on being a douchebag

“Douchebag life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

She totally stole that quote from Forrest Gump -_-


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