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How we decided to return to Tokyo

I returned to Tokyo!

It was a completely last minute decision!

At the end of last year we were sulking at the fact that we were not going anywhere for the year end, thinking that Reza won’t be getting any leave since he’s still new at his current workplace. Well… fate has it that his request for leave was granted. We were thinking, where in the country should we go to hmm.

We were watching this movie some weekend ago and it reminded us how the ending was similar to the ending of the first season of Hana Yori Dango, a show we both enjoy i.e. girl runs for guy at the airport, they kissed and the guy flies off to New York, leaving the girl.

So what he did next… was to watch the drama again. While he was watching it on my laptop… suddenly he went:

“Jom pegi Japan?”


It’s a strange request, considering that he told me we’re not going to Japan again after the last trip.

Days later, we got our tickets and were on our flight to Tokyo.

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