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Discussing weight over lunch

I went down for lunch alone today. Alone, because everybody else I knew who’d go to Kupang (the food court), weren’t around. So I sat down, ready to have lunch when I received a text:

“Yo. What u doing?”

Next thing I know A and T joined me at the table.

“Why are you eating alone?” T asked.

“Nobody’s around.”

“We’re around!”

“Uhm. I didn’t bother asking since you guys are the most unlikely to eat at Kupang.”

(They’re always on a salad diet and enjoy sitting alone and eating at their respective desks during lunch, feeling good about eating healthy.)

They ordered their food and sat down. Then, our friends joined the table, too.

“Don’t you think I’ve lost weight?”

They guys said, “Yeah!”

(She does look like she’s lost weight from her CNY pictures on my Facebook.)

A was beaming.

“See, 6 people have said that I lost weight in the span of 24 hours!” A exclaimed.

“So you’re asking people to bump up your statistics?” I asked.

She didn’t care.

“I’ve lost weight, guys!”

Then she added:

“I don’t humblebrag, I brag terus!”

Since we were at it, V shared a link which would help us measure our body fat — we’d first need to measure the diameters of our wrists, then arms, thighs, wherever applicable and let this site calculate it for us.

“How can you measure fat accurately like this? Some people have big bones!” I said.

He was telling us how there’s no such thing. Apparently some X-Ray was done to an overweight dude somewhere in this world and the result shows how small his bones were. He argued, how big can someone’s bones be, enough to make him big?

By then, we were looking at each other’s wrists.

“A has big bones,” T said.

“Yeah I have big bones,” A concurred.

“That’s what fat people say,” the boys said.

That’s how weight discussions go. So blunt, yet nobody ever gets offended X)

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