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Making Thai fried chicken

The book that’s on my bedside now? This:


In laws introduced us to the TV show, Spice Trip a couple of months ago and we were intrigued by how chef Stevie Parle and spice expert Emma Grazette prepared dishes using the spices that we’re used to everyday — only they make everything more interesting (i.e. strawberry ice cream with black pepper, anyone?) and they make everything look so easy.  Since we’re not usually home to catch the show, I decided to instead get the book at Kinokuniya so I can try the recipes at home anytime I feel like it.

So the moment came last weekend. Felt like cooking up something new for Reza so I tried Emma’s Thai fried chicken recipe, which involves dipping the chicken in more than 5 spices before frying it. To be served with sweet chilli sauce.

Here’s the result:


Looks and tastes pretty better than your average fried chicken (although that should go without saying). I think I can open a fried chicken stall now.

See bit of the book here.

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