Tai Tai

“I really want to be a tai-tai.”

That’s what she said to me, after taking a seat on my absent coworker’s chair.

What’s a tai-tai? Literally “wife” but in today it’s become a colloquial term which means “ladies who lunch” or in other words, privileged women financially dependent on wealthy husband (obviously they don’t have to work), dressed in head to toe designer, meeting like-minded and like-status women for lunch at fancy restaurants everyday.

Before I started working, most of the girls I know have dreams of becoming someone influential. Dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and things like that.

At some stage after entering and facing the corporate world, they start thinking, screw this sh*t and saying exactly that — that they wish they were tai-tais.

In the case of some of the people I know, they’d just rather be free to do the things that they consider meaningful with flexible time rather than being stuck in an office — like starting up a business that they believe in, doing charity or creating value in other forms without having to worry so much about contributing to the household to make ends meet.

I remember jokingly telling Asna that I didn’t want to work, but stay at home some years ago. Her response?

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Told this to my friend and she was like:

“Ask her again in 20 years.”


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