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April 2015

  • Asna

    Asna’s stories on balloting day

    (Draft I forgot to publish.) So I’m trying to get a place now (read about it here). After getting a call from the developer that day, inviting me to…

  • Asna

    Getting Asna’s permission

    Before I post stories of Asna that could potentially be damaging to her *cough* reputation, I usually get her permission. Most stories get her OK and are published,…

  • Kitchen Diaries

    Juicin’ together

    These days we’re more appreciative of juice. When I’m at work, I order fresh juice almost every other day (Bank Negara juice subsidy FTW!) When I’m onsite, I stop…

  • Asna

    Misunderstood Asna

    I went downstairs and toward the living hall when I heard Asna shriek: “Semen is made from sperm?!” She was reading the UPSR past papers for science. Ayaji,…

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