Asna lost her watch

Just recently, I found Asna’s watch in my car. It’s the watch I’d given to her on her birthday. The watch I explicitly told her to take care… or else I’d kill her.

So again, I found the watch in my car. She must have dropped it the time we went out to run some errands a couple of days earlier, but the strange thing was she never notified me. I knew that she’s aware that it’s missing, because she makes it a point to wear the watch to school every day. She must have noticed.

So that night, before she fell asleep, I dropped by to her room to say good night. She was already lying on her bed with a blanket covering her body. After a small chat, I asked:

“Where’s your watch?”

She looked at me. Didn’t move, didn’t say a word.

“Where’s you watch?”

She stared at the ceiling. Still didn’t move, still didn’t say a word.

“Where’s your watch?”

She pulled her blanket to cover her face.

I pulled the blanket away and asked her the same question.

She continued stared at the ceiling and softly said:

“…I was a fool.”

LOLOLOL. So dramatic.

So I confirmed that she’s aware that it’s gone. I asked again:

“Where’s your watch?”

“Remember the time I accompanied you to the party shop? I put the watch in my bag and forgot to wear it. Then it was gone.”

Slowly, she explained where she thought the watch might be.

“There are 3 chances.”

She showed 3 of her fingers.

“One, it’s in your car. Two, it’s at the party shop or Mydin. Three…”

She looked at me, her face like she’d seen a ghost.

“Three… is the worst.”

Her eyes were open wide in fear as she was whispering:

“… it’s on the road!”


It’s obvious from her face that she’s guilty and concerned that the watch is lost. She was staring at the space:

“…I was a fool.”

It was already late so instead of trolling her, I just told her:

“Well, you should’ve told me. It’s with me.”

“Where’d you find it!”

“In my car, you must have dropped it.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Well, you’re not getting away with it so easily next time, kid.

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