Asna’s stories on balloting day

(Draft I forgot to publish.)

So I’m trying to get a place now (read about it here).

After getting a call from the developer that day, inviting me to attend for balloting, I told everyone the good news during dinner. As expected, everyone was happy.

Asna acknowledge the news, but out of nowhere, said:

“Cikyong, I saw a rumah dekat Bukit Jelutong, it’s only RM2,000,000.”

*Awkward silence*

I’m pretty sure that’s not an appropriate response and I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean -_-

Anyway, the next day was the balloting day. Asna tagged along since she’s into this whole property thing.

We arrived at the developer’s office that morning and were looking for a parking spot. After this one turn we met a dead end. Not exactly a dead end, but the path was blocked by chains. Although all Reza, who was driving, required to do is a U-turn, Asna needed to make the situation more dramatic.

“Oh no! We cannot get out! What are we going to do???”

Mama randomly blurted out:

“Maybe we have to sell you so they’ll let us out.”

(I don’t know where that came from… but then again she used to tell me that if I didn’t behave she would send me to an orphanage -_-)

Muka Asna was like O.o

Then she cried:

“Mama! It’s illegal to sell people!”

Asna was so terasa:

“If you sell me, I’m never gonna go back home!”

Everyone in the car tried to make sense of what she just said:

“If Mama sells you… of course you’re not going back home.”

Her reasoning:

“After you sell me, Mama, I’m going to run away from the buyer, but after that I’m never going back home, ever!”

Mama, unfazed, just laughed at her. Poor kid lol.

She accompanied us through the balloting process and once we’re done, we went up to another level to check out the scale model of the property. She was clearly excited to see it has a swimming pool and all.

After we came home, Bibik asked Asna how it was. She told Bibik that she saw the scale model of the property and that it’s very nice. However, she had one concern:

“Tapi Bibik, kalau rumah tinggi-tinggi, kalau ada api macamana nak lari?”


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    April 26, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    LOVE asna!!

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