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May 2015

  • Asna Daily Diaries

    Still at my heaviest

    Being heavier is good because it means I’m healthier. Body’s absorbing enough protein and nutrients and all. Kot. But I also know that I need to start watching what…

  • Kitchen Diaries

    Making lamb tagine

    I was imagining how it would be like if we were living on our own. The dilemma Reza knew I’d have… is eating. I prefer having home cooked meals rather…

  • Asna

    Asna’s hijab stylists

    Came home last night. Dropped by Mama’s bedroom to talk to her. Before I left, she told Asna: “Asna, cepat. What did you want to say to Cikyong?” Asna…

  • Asna

    Hiding things

    If something of mine goes missing these days, it could be Asna. This particular weekend, I realized that my phone was gone. It should have been somewhere inside…

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