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Making lamb tagine

I was imagining how it would be like if we were living on our own. The dilemma Reza knew I’d have… is eating. I prefer having home cooked meals rather than eating out, but ain’t nobody got the time to prepare home cooked meals with perasaan every night. Then I thought, hmm this is why 15-minute meals exist, to cater for people who are busy or those who’d rather not spend an hour everyday cooking.

So I visited Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals Recipes. Decided to try out the Quick Lamb Tagine because it looks good.


Got the ingredients from the grocer’s, but I tweaked the recipe a bit.

Here’s what I used:

  • A cup of couscous soaked with a cup of boiling water
  • Aubergines cut into half and grilled
  • Capsicum and cherry tomato, soaked in lemon juice and later, grilled
  • Cubes of lamb, flattened and marinated with garam masala and black pepper and later, fried
  • Roasted omega mix (find this at the organics section at Jaya Grocer), roasted cumin and coriander for garnishing

So much for 15 minutes. I think I spent more than an hour to prepare and cook this XD

Turned out OK. I just need to be more generous with the salt and spices. Going to make this again until I’m satisfied with it.

See Jamie Oliver’s Quick Lamb Tagine recipe.

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