Picking up Asna

Reza was not at work this particular day. Being told that Asna was going to be done with her religious school soon, he offered to pick her up.

So he drove to the school. There were aunties standing near the gates, waiting for their kids. Not knowing any better, he went out of the car in his shirt and shorts (again, at a religious school) and immediately invited disapproving stares. He felt awkward and out of place. God knows what the women were thinking of this skinny stranger in shorts. Ish! Such a sketchy character.

There were kids running around but Asna was nowhere to be seen. So he talked to a kid and asked whether the kid knew Asna. Fortunately, the kid was her classmate and ran into the school to look for her.

Seconds later, Asna finally came out!

She was searching for her parents but instead… saw Reza. So in front of everyone, she screamed to her friend:

“That’s not my father lah!”

Reza froze. The stares from the aunties got even worse. Who is this man?! What is he up to?!

This reminds me of an incident that happened some years ago. He had just returned from Japan for his summer break and had offered to pick up the niece who was fond of him from her kindergarten to surprise her. The little girl couldn’t recognize him, unfortunately and the teachers were so concerned they had to call Reza’s cousin/her parents to confirm his identity XD

In this case… at least Asna recognized him.

“That’s my brother-in-law!”

After that, everyone at the gate practically breathed a sigh of relief lol.

This wasn’t the only time Asna alarmed the parents. Man (my other sibling) was tasked to pick her up one day and when she saw him, she said loudly:

“But you’re not my father!”


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