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Reactions to my new glasses

I got my glasses at Reliance Optical since they have a great range of modern frames, after several visits and tries and images sent to Reza over Whatsapp for opinions. Kudos to the Reliance Optical dude who entertained me the whole time. Dude, you cool.

Anyway. The last time I got glasses was before I left for Melbourne, which is 5 years ago. After that and until now, I’ve been relying on my contact lenses.

I was inspired to get glasses again because of the influx of people wearing hipster glasses at Kupang at work, including Tania. Also because I was feeling rich because I had some money and it’s something I can fully claim from work. Furthermore, I could put them to good use in the next few months…


So. The glasses I got are oversized. From Fendi. The frame is in grey tortoise since black is too black and has gold accents at the sides. Slightly troubled because the temples are not in grey to match with the frame but sigh they’ll do. Reliance Optical dude installed nose pads on the plastic frames and gave me good lens. Paid RM1,000 — that’s as much as my last glasses in 2005 and 2010 so the price should be OK considering there’s not much inflation. Kot.

Anyway. I wore it at home and Reza says it’s hot gila and told me to keep on wearing it. Although he said I paid ridiculous sum for the name 😆

I wore it to the office the next day. People noticed probs because I never wear glasses. I made it a point to remember what they said on that day. Here it goes:

“I really like your glasses. It suits you!” said Shareen who was on her way to the elevator.

“Nice glasses!” said a Deputy Director who crossed my path as we were going in and out of the department.

Then the whole department went to the auditorium for a talk. I sat close to my good mates.

Zo saw me wearing them and saw the label at the temples and he was like:

“Fuiyo Fendi! Kau ingat kau artis ke apa?”


Then, Af who was sitting at the back was like:

“Sherly cakap you look like secretary gatal!”


Then after it was over we went up. One of the PAs asked me if my glasses were for the sake of fashion or whether they’re prescriptive.

Aih korang ni.

See Reliance Optical.

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