Riding a dog sled at Rusutsu


Drove to Rusutsu, a village near to Lake Toya. Rusutsu Resort is argued to be one of Hokkaido’s best ski resorts, with large ski areas covering several mountains. The resort doesn’t only focus on that, it also has plenty of other activities for families (of course, with a fee for every activity) — you can ride on snowmobiles, build huge snow huts, go snowshoeing, ride horses in the snow or go on dog sleds.


Before we started, we went into a wooden cabin hut (like the ones you see in fairy tales) to register ourselves and pick the activity that we wanted.

I was so so so excited, because I was going to ride on a dog sled!!! How cool is riding a dog sled?! I was imagining myself sitting on a sled riding with 10 majestic Huskies.

The instructor told us to hop on his snowmobile and took us to where the dogs were.


He showed us the course. It’s a short one that involves going uphill, doing a U-turn and going back downhill. Then, he taught us how to handle the sled and to balance ourselves on top of it. Yup, this skinny sled is not for sitting — it’s for standing and requires me to balance myself on top of it T.T We were also told to watch for the instructors’ signals on when to break.


While the others went through it first, I chilled inside this snow hut.


There dogs were tied on leashes beside the trees. All restless and making noises. They told us that the dogs are restless and the only way for them to calm down… is to run. True enough, after they let an excited and howling dog run the course, he came back calm and sat down quietly.


These were the dogs that were tasked to carry me up and down the hill.

Expectation: Sitting on dog sled, riding with 10 huge Huskies on a mountain.

Dog Sled Expectation

Reality: Standing and balancing on a skinny sled, riding with 2 dogs on a short course on a hill XD


The whole ride was very fast and lasted for 30 seconds kot, but damn it felt so great. It’s not a leisurely ride at all, but like getting on a rollercoaster that you’ve to maneuver yourself! If your balancing skill sucks, you will tumble midway; if it’s good and if you break on time when the signal is shown, your ride will be awesome. I think I was great XD

(There’s a decent picture of me holding the leash of one of the dogs (no I wasn’t touching it) but Mama said I shouldn’t post it on social media sebab it can be controversial.)

Anyway, when you’re in Hokkaido, Rusutsu’s a good idea for experiencing lots of winter activities. See the things you can do at Rusutsu Resort in winter.

This trip was sponsored by Hokkaido Tourism. Thank you Rusutsu Resort for the opportunity to try out dog sledding and LIBUR for giving me the opportunity to explore Hokkaido. For the record, the words written on this post are entirely my own.

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    June 21, 2015 at 11:35 PM

    Gahh. You just wait for our photos!! We’ll play hide and seek siap dgn huskies tu. Just waittt :p hehehe

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      June 22, 2015 at 8:34 PM

      I’ll be waiting for it 😉

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    June 22, 2015 at 11:22 AM

    That looks exciting.

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