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July 2015

  • Kitchen Diaries

    Making herb baked eggs

    Some of the easiest breakfast that I’ve made in the morning include eggs fried and garnished with Italian herbs, then topped with melted cheddar cheese and sandwiched between buttered toast…

  • Asna

    Asna and the fear of Speedy

    I was on the net, browsing for bags and showed Asna a Stam that I’d admired long ago. Sometimes I show her things and ask her what she…

  • The MBA Diary

    School supplies

    Reza wasn’t talking a lot today. He wasn’t responding when I asked if he’d like to go for lunch together, earlier, but I let him be. Both of…

  • Asna

    Tsundere Asna

    We were breaking fast on the last few days of Ramadhan. The rest had gone up, so it was only us siblings at the table. Asna was blabbing about…

  • Asna

    Asna and peribahasa Melayu

    We were in Asna’s room, watching her study BM. At the time, her BM was really bad. So after she read her peribahasa book, with Man present, I…

  • Hokkaido

    Discovering Food in Furano

    Furano is a city in the middle of Hokkaido, famous for its ski resorts, organic produce and lavender fields. It’s rather cold here, probably because of its location up…

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