Winter attractions in Furano

Furano is a city somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido. Since it’s centrally located on higher grounds, it has a cooler inland temperature than the previous places that I’ve visited in Hokkaido. Snow was thicker here, so cold that I always had my scarf and gloves on. The thing that I realized, too, was that there weren’t a lot of people on the streets — it’s as if most of the population was hibernating. Considering how cold it is here, I would!

The city is famous for its ski resorts, favored for being relatively less busy compared to the more popular Niseko, but no less awesome. At one of the major resorts, the New Furano Prince Hotel, is a mini winter wonderland for those who wish to take a break from the usual winter activities.

Ningle Terrace


Ningle Terrace features 15 wooden cabins made of logs, pathway made of wooden planks and lit with fairy lights. To add to the magic, it’s surrounded by tall pine trees and amazing scenery (it’s also a drama spot).

Stepping into Ningle Terrace makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale. It feels magical!

Definitely a great place to chill and forget the rest of the world for a while. Be sure to keep yourself from because brrr it’s super cold out here.





The cabins are boutique shops offering specialty handmade items — from wooden carved toys and figurines, intricately carved candles and silver jewelries. Not just that, I could watch these artisans make their arts and crafts on the spot, too!



If you think the place looks great in pictures, wait… till you see it in real life.

Ningle Terrace is open throughout the year. Entrance is free.

Kan Kan Mura


Just beside it, is the Kan Kan Mura, the Furano Ice Village, which only makes an appearance during winter. It’s like a small ice park for kids. Or noobs.



There are snow huts for you to take pictures with. I find them redundant but hey, kids might love it.



Then there’s a cool ice bar, where you can sit on an ice high chair in a dome made of ice blocks and drink hot chocolate. Totally the highlight of my visit IMO.

Then there are light winter activities like snow rafting and snow tubing. If you’re like me, a rookie at these things, you might enjoy the snow-tubing experience. Here’s where you can find the longest snow tubing course in the whole of Japan!It’s like getting on a tube at a water park with the floats, except you’re doing it on ice — 15 seconds worth of adrenaline rush!

The Furano Kan Kan Mura is open each year from late December to early March. Entrance fee is JPY300 je. Kids go in for free.

Getting there

Ningle Terrace and Kan Kan Village are located at The New Furano Prince Hotel, which is 10 minutes away from the Furano JR station. At the train station, you can hop on the Lavender bus to get to the hotel. See the schedule here.

This trip was sponsored by Hokkaido Tourism. Thank you LIBUR for giving me the opportunity to explore Hokkaido. For the record, the words written on this post are entirely my own.

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    afidah azmi
    August 24, 2015 at 4:32 PM

    Nice place…kalau pergi Jepun harus pergi time winter kan..barulah best…tapi kalau winter yang terlalu tu..susah gak nak berjalan

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