Life in Tokyo

Moving into TIEC


As soon as I got out of the arrival gate, I arranged for the shipment of one of my luggages since I can’t possible carry both of them (huge ass luggages) as I go. Instead of talking the airport shuttle to the nearest stop at Odaiba, I took Narita Sky Access rail line. Figured it’s cheaper and easy for me to drag the bag since the stop nearest to TIEC isn’t that far away.

So I went to the TIEC administration office and started filling in the registration forms there. Already there were other YLP scholars, those I’d met earlier at the airport as well as those from other countries. There, we received several documents including TIEC policy for all its residents as well as a guide to nearby areas. Then, they thought us how to pay for utilities at the machines outside the office. The whole of TIEC uses a pre-paid utility system and there’s a digital meter running in the rooms. They gave slips for paying rent at the convenience stores, too.

After we’re all done, each of us received our key cards and then led us to our rooms.

The room I was allocated to was located on one far end. The glass at the hallway is mostly frosted, but on the way to my room it’s clear so I could easily see the city. My studio has a bed, bathroom with a tub, a kitchen with a stove and fridge, a storage room (also works as a walk-in wardrobe), a study area with lots of shelves and a decent living area. The balcony has a view of the TIEC plaza, facing other halls. Not bad at all.

It was downpour after that, I said on my freshly made bed wondering if this were all real.

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