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Asna and the little critters

About 6 months ago, we got ourselves hamsters. After being seduced by a picture of a hamster butt that I saw on 9GAG, I asked Reza if we could have a hamster as a pet and he agreed. Here’s the earlier story if you missed it.


So we brought the hamsters home. On the way back, I asked Reza:

“What should we name them?”

He said:

“Tu jangan risau. We leave it to Asna.”


Asna is always naming things. The feral cats that we used to feed at home, she named “Sparkle” and “Glittery”. The last cat we gave attention to, she also tried to name but I stopped her and told everyone that the cat was going to be called “Asnu” (a ring to Asna trololol). The abandoned kittens that we tried to save (RIP), she names “Coco” and “Taffy”.

So we asked her to name them. She suggested, “Fluffy” and “Flufflepuff”.

The names are all so gay, I know.

After the fiasco over the fighting hamsters, she oversaw the well-being of the hamsters while we were at work. She spent her days googling hamsters and learning how to take care of them and comes by to our room at night to spend time with the hamsters. Then she’ll say to me:

“Cikyong, have you changed the water yet? You’re supposed to change it every few days.”

“Cikyong, have you washed the cage yet? You’re supposed to wash it every week.”

“Cikyong, maybe you should go and get them some treats?”

“Cikyong, maybe you should buy them some toys?”

“Cikyong, why don’t we build the hamsters a play pen?”


But she does take good care of the hamsters. On weekdays she watches over them in the afternoon. On weekends she joins me when we wash the cages.

Bibik likes to troll the hamsters though. I think she just geram when she sees them, so she like to sakat them like how she sakat small kids -_- Like coming close to the cages and making sounds. I only realized that Bibik was kacauing them when Fluffy started squeaking as soon as she sees Bibik enter the room. Knowing that a squeaking hamster signifies stress, Asna didn’t approve and she was dead serious about having Bibik not do it again.

“Ish! Bibik ni! Tak baik! I will reprimand her if she kacau Fluffy again!!!”


Anyway, while I was reading about how to take better care of hamsters, Reza and Asna were busy viewing videos how to make and building toys for hamsters. When I go out, I buy bedding and food, while they would bring home chewables and toys. I suppose we have a balanced team -_-

Over months we could see how the size and personalities of the hamsters changed. Fluffy is like twice the size of Flufflepuff, for some reason, although Flufflepuff eats more. Fluffy, supposedly the aggressive one who was earlier on chasing Flufflepuff and then climbing her cage like she’s high turned out to be the more peaceful and well-mannered one; while Flufflepuff, supposedly the timid one who was being chased, turned out to be the more uhm adventurous.

I only realized after Asna commented:

“Fluffle used to be timid and shy and now she’s crazy and wild.”

So since we got the hamsters Fluffle escaped her cage 3x. It’s either because one of us forgot to shut the door of her cage or Fluffle’s own initiative of escaping the box we placed her in, while we’re cleaning her cage. If you do the same to Fluffy, she won’t run away. But this Fluffle, she’s always trying to run.

Anyway, every time she’s gone, Bibik will find her again somewhere. Once it was outside our room, the other, downstairs!

Asna and hamsters

Asna and hamsters II

I wanted to hand the hamsters over to Asna before I left for Tokyo, but she refused. My siblings were also conspiring to sell them after that. Sigh, mangkuk -_- But it’s okay, I know I’ve a good team even when I’m away. Reza takes care of the hamster’s general well-being, Asna to give the hamsters affection and Bibik to find the hamsters when they’re gone lolol.

“When are you coming back, Cikyong? I don’t think the hamsters remember you anymore. They have short memory.”


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