Asna’s parcels

We went home from work. On the table inside the living room, was a large parcel. We both checked whether the parcel was for either of us. It’s always exciting to receive parcels, that we often hope that it’s still for us, even when we haven’t ordered anything online.

Korang pun macamtu kot.

Anyway. It wasn’t for either of us, so we sighed.

It was Mama’s.

Inside the parcel were boxes of French Sole flats and I later learned it wasn’t Mama’s. She got them… for Asna. This is the trend now. The past 5 parcels or so that arrived under Mama’s name were all for Asna -_-

So what led to Mama getting the flats was, that they went to French Sole not too long ago. Asna expressed her admiration toward a pair of flats. Mama opined that she’s too young to be wearing French Sole and her growing feet would just outgrow the flats too soon. Or something like that.

Mama being Mama, she’ll get something for her kids anyway. Especially when it’s discounted. It’s enough to satisfy her need to shop, I think.


So I saw the shoes. Damn cantik gila!

Asna wears them when she goes out now, ditching her usual sandals. When she’s done wearing, she keeps the shoes inside the box again.

It’s good that she’s started taking care of her things, but I also notice that she has a different attitude when she slips them on.

“Asna, your flats are so nice!!!”


“You want them, you buy la.”


So lucky, kids these days.

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