Visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary


Monkeys everywhere — that’s when we got when we went to the Sacred Monkey Forest. I thought it’d be fun to see monkeys in this sacred reserve forest, also huge temple ground, only I didn’t expect them to be that many. The monkeys here are viewed as the guardians of the scared ground, so the Balinese let them roam the area and protect them.

It was fun to see the monkeys doing things monkeys do. Most of the time they’re eating or playing with each other.





Before we went in, we were advised to bring just our bag and leave food behind. I’ve heard stories about monkeys chasing after people’s belongings, especially when you’re wearing accessories like shades and jewelries they know they’ve got food.

I was only carrying my bag and wearing nothing else that I thought would make me susceptible to being chased by a monkey. Well, as I lowered my body to take a picture of monkeys spooning publicly with no shame, they got up and started attempting to grab the camera. It happened within a split second, so I screamed out of shock. I think the monkey was shocked to 😆

One of the men guarding the park signaled the monkey to let it go, so he did.

I was fine, but I think Reza, who isn’t comfortable being around animals in the first place, was scarred by the incident and wanted to leave 😆 Didn’t help that after that we saw a couple being followed persistently by a large monkey after they fed him bananas once — the monkey even tried to climb up this lady’s back.


If you walk further inside, there’s an old temple there.


I also made it a point to (drag Reza to) explore some parts of the forest.


Felt like we’re in the scene of an India Jones movie — with monkeys popping out of nowhere.


After a little more than 1/2 hour of exploring the Monkey Forest, I thought we’d have enough (Reza was also getting really restless at that point). It was nice to have a walk inside the forest and the Indiana Jones-like surroundings, beneath the big trees, while looking at monkeys fooling around.

Go if you’ve more time to spare in Ubud. Entrance fee is just IDR 30,000 (about RM9). Although I only recommend it to those who are alright with interacting with monkeys 😆

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