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My 10th flight to Tokyo


Got my tickets a couple of nights before the date of flight. For a moment I wondered who I’m going to fly with… but of course the the Japanese government is going to fly its scholars with JAL 😆 So excited to be flying with Japan Airlines again. I find their service top-notch and the food, better than most airlines. Well, at least 5 years ago. Reza then told me that Japan Airlines was awarded the Best Airlines Seats in the economy class by Skytrax because it’s spacious and all, so I was really looking forward to it.

I was flying at night.  Got ready, dragged all 5 bags to the car (mine and his). Aware of the shitty state of my skin at the time, Asna was complimenting my outfit, but telling me to put makeup on before we left the house, “so you will look more oomph”.

My parents and siblings sent us to the airport, where we had a toast bread and nasi lemak for dinner. Thinking I was late, I hurriedly said my goodbye and later ran to the gate like nobody’s watching, only to learn that people at the gate weren’t even going in yet so they were just… chilling. Also felt so self-conscious because the gate was full with Japanese, which meant almost everyone else was looking so polished. Good thing I was wearing a DVF dress and Zara blazer so I felt less out of place 😆

Anyway. I already booked a good seat when I did the web check-in. Chose the window just a couple of rows behind the business class, relatively spacious seat with plenty of compartments. What made it even better was… the whole flight was almost full, but the single seat beside me was unoccupied!!! I had 2 seats to myself and I utilized it properly. Probably judged by the rest for doing so but I didn’t care 😆 So I had decent sleep.


Greeted by drizzling Tokyo the next morning. Feels good to be back.

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