Hanging out at the Nusa Dua beach


Since we’re staying at a resort by the beach, why not make the most of it and go to the beach? That’s what Reza kept telling me on our last afternoon in Bali.


Again, I’m hardly a fan of the sands and the sea but since we were there, I thought I’d just go along with his plan — to get a tandem bicycle from the lobby so we both could ride it along the beach.

Got  on our bicycle, cycled through the pathway to the Kayumanis Private Beach Club to reach the end. There, there were Kayumanis butlers waiting for us and offering us drinks. We could grab anything from the chilled box, on the house, then chill on the lounge chairs there.




The whole beach area was pleasant and peaceful, probs because they’re mostly private beaches (Kayumanis, the resort we were staying at, were situated between other beach resorts, like the Sofitel and Westin). The sands were super clean and the sea was clear and blue. Very picturesque view.

That’s all I can comment. Since I didn’t play with the sand or in the sea 😆

Then we hopped on the bicycle again to cycle along the beach, exploring other parts of it and going into the other resorts nearby.

Then at the other resorts, we signed up for water sports for cheap. I think the booth for signing up was at the Westin. A shuttle then came to our resort to pick us up for the water sports later that day — in Bali they really make it convenient for their guests! (Tapi just so you know, we later learned that the activities weren’t conducted at this gorgeous setting near the private beaches of Nusa Dua because when the driver dropped us off at the company’s HQ, we were at some other crowded beach that’s nowhere as nice :lol:)


Anyway. This whole cycling by the beautiful beach together thing reinforces my belief that Bali really is a great place to forget the rest of the world and chill.

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