Visiting the Tegalalang rice terrace at Ubud


Located appropriately at the center of the island, Ubud is the heart of the Balinese culture — it’s where you can see the old Bali. One of the many things that you have to do when you arrive here, is to see the Tegalalang rice terrace.

Made, our private driver drove us to the Ubud’s iconic Tegalalang rice terrace, rice terraces maintained by the rice farmers of Bali to this day that are so famous for their picturesque scenery. He took us to the most accessible spot to view the rice terrace, the one that’s located just beside the narrow Tegalalang road.

So Made parked by the roadside, just in front of the many crafts shops along the road. Reza and I got out of the car, took a few steps down the steep stairs to get the view of the steep valley where rice terrace was.


There it was, the famous landscape. Rice terraces on hill banks. It’s not just the view that you’ve to appreciate, Reza said to me. There was also thought put into the irrigation system that makes the rice terrace work.

The rice terrace in this picture wasn’t looking its best at the time. The farmers had only started to tanam the padi again, so it was almost bare. Didn’t help that it had just rained a few hours before 😆 Well hey, that didn’t completely strip it off its beauty.


I read on TripAdvisor that climbing down the rice terraces and seeing it from the deeper parts of the valley gives us better views. If anybody’s feeling adventurous, they can just explore the rice terraces on their own. If they need some assistance, I’ve seen rice farmers carrying big loads on their shoulders who offered to assist visitors down and let them have their pictures taken for a sum of money (US$5 if you’re interested and okay with that).

I started climbing down, thinking of checking out the area on my own, moving away from the more mainstream viewing spots of the rice terrace. On the way down, I saw a large gecko somewhere so I retracted my steps and went back up 😥

Oh well. Feeling defeated, I decided to go and have a drink with Reza at the nearby cafe, that was overlooking the rice terrace 😆


Visit the Tegalalang rice terrace for an amazing view. If you’re adventurous and have more time to spare, move farther from the roadside and explore the area on your own for a couple of hours. If you’re not, go have a coconut drink with a view of the valley like me. It’s still cool.

Read about the Tegalalang Rice Terrace on TripAdvisor.

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