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October 2015

  • Life in Tokyo

    Getting internet in Japan

    At this age, one of the most important thing that you need is to be connected. Hence, the addition of WIFI to the latest unofficial version of Maslow’s…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Early leaves of fall

    I’ve never really witnessed the beginning of fall in Tokyo so I was looking forward to this. The trees all over Tokyo are slowly changing colors and it’s…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Over bento

    So I was having dinner with some of my classmates. In front of me were the French men who came to Tokyo recently to study and to be…

  • The MBA Diary

    Choosing Hitotsubashi

    (Private post just published.) Before I applied for the scholarship and program, I’ve never heard of Hitotsubashi University and its Graduate School for International Corporate Strategy. I’ve heard of…

  • The MBA Diary

    1st Fujikawa zemi meeting

    Right after we found out our zemi placements, each of the zemi advisor emailed each of his/her zemi students to welcome them. Fujikawa, in an elaborate and properly…

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