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1st Fujikawa zemi meeting


Right after we found out our zemi placements, each of the zemi advisor emailed each of his/her zemi students to welcome them. Fujikawa, in an elaborate and properly structured email, welcomed the 5 of us to his zemi and invited us for coffee for the following day.

So after class, all of us met up at his office and he led us to the nearest Starbucks to get coffee, the one located just above the Takebashi, the train station I use to go home.


Since Starbucks was full, he instead brought us to The Imperial Palace’s East Gardens, which was located just a couple of minutes walk away. Though I’ve been to the Imperial Palace grounds for several times, I never reached the gardens because it’s located on the other side of the Imperial Palace. I’ve been wanting to go to the gardens for many years now, so it’s good to have this realized! So he brought us into the gardens and while we were walking, he gave us a commentary on Tokyo during the Edo period 😆

We got on the fort, where we got a good view of the Marunouchi business district and then sat down on the spacious field in a circle and had a chat about the zemi and discussed the things that we want to do and the companies that we want to visit this year.


The activities conducted by a zemi is really dependent on what the advisor and his students want to do. Some zemis are cool and involves a lot of dining and drinking, but I think this zemi’s relatively more structured and challenging so I’m a little nervous. Oh wells, just see how it’ll go 🙂

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