Flying with the Emirates Business Class


Flew with Emirates to Dubai. Shortly after the announcement that the flight was ready for boarding, I left the Emirates Lounge to the gate, ready to board the flight. The 6 1/2 hour journey was smooth and I had a great time on board. So what do I love about my flight with Emirates?



It was a very comfortable journey, much thanks to the spacious and flexible seats! I could sit anyway I want and lie flat when I wanted to sleep (with a relatively fluffy pillow to lie on and a blanket to keep me warm). Also appreciate the seat’s curvy design and the many compartments available to store all my devices.



Next, comes the in-flight entertainment system. Quirkily named ICE (abbreviation of Info, Communications & Entertainment), it has a wide range of movies, the whole season of TV shows and music. Love the variety! The entertainment system also featured a large, crisp screen and noise-canceling headphones.



I had a good time finishing half of a season of the Big Bang Theory, if I’m not trying to sleep while listening to Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Although, need to note that the variety in the in-flight entertainment system varies between classes.


Ooh this is probs the most exciting part about my flight. I wanted to lie down and rest while watching the show but the food were all tempting that I ended up choosing to dine and sitting upright most of the time 😆


Right after taking off, the flight attendant offered me juice and tidbits. Tomato juice and a small plate of nuts is always a good idea. I ate it all until the plate was wiped clean.

Later during the flight, came the meal.


Bread, salad and minestrone soup as my entree.


Steak as my main. Tender meat with sauce and grilled vegetables.


After that, all of these wholesome things as my dessert. Can’t say no to cheese, fruits and pudding! Shared this with Tatie because nobody’s going to finish all that.


To close, a mug of hot latte.

It’s like a full-on dining experience in the sky 🙂

Final thoughts

My experience of flying with Emirates is positive.

Apart from all that I have listed above, the flight was smooth and the flight attendants were generally attentive. Even when my needs weren’t immediately fulfilled, it wasn’t so bad because they’re always so nice to me!

So would I recommend Emirates? Yes.

Here’s something to bring more value to your Emirates experience:

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Thank you Tourism Dubai and Emirates for the experience! This post is sponsored, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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