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Packing for Tokyo

Before classes began, I had to study for the online courses. It was just 1+ week before my flight. I was out of time. Knowing me, it would’ve taken me weeks to finish packing things.  Not that I’m not good at it — I’m usually a light packer and I’m very fast at doing that, but packing for long term really gives me a headache.

Reza was so worried about my lack of preparation in this area, probably more because he couldn’t stand mess I was making (the room was filled with the things I took out of the wardrobe) so he offered to help me out with packing.

As I was studying, he was folding and wrapping the stacks of clothes I had separated from the wardrobe. He’s just so efficient when it comes to cleaning up that he was done with packing most of my things in a few large luggages in just a few hours.

The Reza Method to packing is to fold similar clothes together and tightly roll them before wrapping them with the cling wrap. He says that’s the closest that we can get to a vacuum packer for clothes (I never understood what he was saying until we got it in Tokyo).

So here’s how my clothes look like in the luggage 😆


Brought most of my clothes (except traditional dresses because I don’t think I’d ever wear them here). Also packed 5 of my bags (wish I brought more), 3 shoes, most of my bath & body products, drugs and medicines, books, stationery etc. Enough to make me feel at home, for now.

But I still need my Paraty and Stam and Tod’s boots so I’ll get Mama to bring them to me at the end of the year.

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    October 5, 2015 at 3:53 PM

    mama is coming end of the year?
    can i come too?

  • Avatar
    October 10, 2015 at 9:26 PM

    Are you bring drugs ??

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