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October 2015

  • The MBA Diary

    Choosing the zemi

    Earlier this week I found out that I got into the zemi that I wanted. Now that I’ve gotten the green light to blog just about anything, well, why…

  • The MBA Diary

    The family day

    This Friday we had the ICS Family Day, where everyone could bring their family and friends to the school to experience one of our classes — specifically, the…

  • The MBA Diary

    The zemi system

    Something that’s entirely new to me here, at Hitotsubashi, is the zemi system. Concept of zemi In Japan, the zemi system generally involves a group of students doing research…

  • The MBA Diary

    Doing my pre-matriculation courses

    Before class starts, the school requires us to do our part by studying basic business courses so that we’ll have a basic understanding of business. I’m expected to self-study specific…

  • Style Diaries

    My Valorie clutch in multi

    The thing that got me into Anya Hindmarch’s Valorie clutches is the Valorie embellished with multicolor glitter. I went to the store just to kill time this one…

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