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Doing my pre-matriculation courses

Before class starts, the school requires us to do our part by studying basic business courses so that we’ll have a basic understanding of business. I’m expected to self-study specific courses by HBS — Financial Accounting, Quantitative Analysis and Finance way before I even arrive in Tokyo. It’s not just studying ok, I needed to pass the tests so that I won’t have to do additional assignments when class begins!

It’s like this, we do the pre-test. If we pass, then we won’t have to do the online course (they can be very very very long) and if we don’t, we’ll have to do the online course and then pass the final exams. If we don’t pass the final exams, the lecturers will give extra assignments when class begins 😮

I needed to go all out because:

  1. I was paying for the materials and tests;
  2. I was required to pass the courses before the stipulated deadline; and
  3. I didn’t want to do extra assignments!

Anyway. So how did I fare?

Accounting & Finance

Passed the pre-test, my score was close to 90% I think. But despite getting a pass, I still studied the whole course to make the most of it. The course was very good. I learned a bunch of things about accounting that I’d forgotten (my last accounting course happened about a decade ago lol) and some, never knew, so it was time worth spent. I did the exam anyway and got about the same score.


Of all the courses, I did this first. Feeling cocky (I’m a banker I should know this shit, or so I thought), I did the pre-test without putting much thought to it and I didn’t pass lolololol. Actually I’ve no reason to be cocky since my finance background isn’t that solid — I spent my undergrad years avoiding finance subjects! Spent a fortnight to finish the whole course and later passed the exam. Also learned a lot of new things that I never knew about.

Quantitative Analysis

This is the mother of all. I’m really bad and prioritizing and managing my time and only realized the severe magnitude of this course only when I’ve like a couple of days before my submission deadline. Passed pre-test, but I went through the course, too. Super heavy, relatively. 300 pages, I think.

Quants is very interesting, it helps you make sense of data and assist in making decisions out of it. I’ve done it before during my Canadian matriculation program and some of it in my undergrads, so I could still pick up the pieces. Reza, who had never done quants all his life was engrossed in the subject when I showed it to him. He went through the questions, read about the topics online, picked it up 10x faster than me and ended up tutoring and monitoring me as I did the questions.

Passed it at 7AM on the last submission date (I didn’t sleep!) and was reminded of why I opted out from majoring in Econometrics 😆

So yay, no additional assignments for me! Thank you to subject experts (including accidental experts) who’d helped me brush up my understanding 🙂

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    October 9, 2015 at 10:19 PM

    Omg Quantitative analysis was my enemy during uni years. Hate it hate it. Lol

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