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The family day

This Friday we had the ICS Family Day, where everyone could bring their family and friends to the school to experience one of our classes — specifically, the class conducted by Yoshi. Probs the easiest to arrange since his class is the last class that we attend to every week. Post the Family Day, we’ll then invite them to our weekly TGIF at the school lounge after the class.

So yeah, many of the students brought their family and friends. Some even flew them here! The school also allowed the participation of virtual participants, so those who could not make it here, go on conference calls to join the class.

Before class starts the lecturer gave the family and friends an introduction to what the Family Day is about — it’s basically to let them see what we do everyday in class and also like a tribute to the people who are supporting us, because without them, we would probably not be where we are today. Then he asked everyone to introduce their family members, those who are physically in the class and those who are on the conference calls, so people were raising their laptops and phones to show the class their moms and dads and husbands and the class would wave their hands to them.

E’s mom was on her iPad and she pointed to Yoshi and told her mom, “This is the most handsome lecturer!” LOLOLOL.

Initially I didn’t feel the need to have the attendance of my family members. Asked Reza but he was working, considering he’d just come here it doesn’t make sense for him to come back just for this. But after seeing so many people and their “supporters”, I felt slightly left out 😆

It’s okay. Next time he’s around, I’ll drag him to class.

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