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November 2015

  • The MBA Diary

    The Fujikawa Zemi Dinner

    My zemi advisor, Yoshi Fujikawa, hosted dinner for all his current zemi members as well as the zemi alumni recently. This gathering is an annual thing for the zemi.…

  • Dubai

    Cool things to do in Dubai

    Who knew that Dubai has a lot of cool things to offer for people who seek fun experiences and want to learn new skills! Seriously. There are a…

  • Dubai

    Exploring the arts in Dubai

    We’re going to the arts and culture district, they say, so I thought it was odd that we were driven to an industrial area at Al Quoz, located some…

  • Asna

    Asna turns 11

    On Asna’s birthday I ordered a huge ass teddy bear for her as per our agreement. Think it’s still on the way. Reza surprised her with a triple-scoop…

  • Dubai

    Dining in Dubai

    I think I may have gained weight in Dubai. I was always eating — everything was so good. You can expect your dining experience to be great because the food’s…

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