Asna and body sizes

On Skype with Reza this weekend, when Asna came into the room and hijacked his iMac once again. Before I left for Tokyo, we noticed how much she had grown.

She learned how to use the measuring tape and started using it to measureĀ her body. Shit I used to do way back then šŸ˜†

She hated growing, telling me she hated her fat calves and started telling Bibik she wanted to be langsing like Cikyong. I think she picked all this up in school, because she mentioned how her classmates were calling her fat for having more meat than them šŸ˜

She could then fitĀ into some of my clothes, which she was fortunately happy about, because it meant, well, more clothes for her.

On this Skype sessionĀ though, I noticed that she was looking smaller.

“Eh, you lost weight ke?”

She didn’t respond. Instead stood up, pointed to her waist and said:

“25 inches!”

Oh pleaseee. Her waist lookedĀ nothing like a 25-inch waist. She’s still small.

“25 inches? Are you serious?! That’s my size!”

Then she offered me a high-five in front of the camera.

“Really? High five! We are both langsing!”


Oh my god. This obsession with size needs to be closely monitored.

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    November 2, 2015 at 12:31 PM

    Girls and body image…

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