Cool things to do in Dubai

Who knew that Dubai has a lot of cool things to offer for people who seek fun experiences and want to learn new skills! Seriously. There are a lot of different things you can do apart from the usual sightseeing and most of these experiences can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Consider trying them out when you’re in the city 🙂

1. Fly at iFLY Dubai




Ever wanted to defy gravity? Then the place to be is iFLY Dubai. It’s where you can safely experience and learn how to sky dive at the fraction of the cost 😆 Basically, you wear a suit, enter a huge glass tube and fly against the strong wind coming from the ground. Before that though, the staff at iFLY will teach you how to position yourself properly so you could fly effectively. At first it was awkward, but I got the hang of it after.

If you’re planning to go, book online in advance to secure slots and to get the most of the experience, opt for a longer period than the basic. To learn more:

iFLY Dubai

2. Box at Round 10




I’ve been curious about boxing for some time and of all places, I had the chance to experience it in Dubai! I went to the boxing class at Round 10 Boxing Club, which is located somewhere close to the arts district. Each of us got a personal trainer who taught us the basics of boxing and the movements — it felt like a hard core dance. It was just for a while but damn, it was intense! I wonder how much calorie I burned 😆

If you’re interested to learn more:

Round 10 Boxing Club
8th Street

3. Fly a plane at the Emirates A380 simulator




I learned how to fly the largest passenger aircraft in the world — the Airbus A380! The Emirates simulator, located at The Dubai Mall, let us experience flying the Airbus 380. From the cockpit, I had the chance to choose from over 12 airport locations. The instructor then taught us how to deal with controls for take-off, flight and landing. The whole experience lasts for 30 minutes. I chose to fly from Haneda International Airport, flying over Tokyo skies until I saw Tokyo Tower before heading back to the airport.

If you’re planning to go, I suggest book online to secure slots, too. The queue for this one can be so long if you decide just to walk in. To learn more:

Emirates Airbus 380 Experience
The Dubai Mall
Financial Centre Road

4. Ski at SkiDubai



This is why Dubai is amazing — despite it being scorching hot at the time, I still get to experience cold winter and play with snow 😆 Talk about experiencing different seasons at one location! Inside the massive Mall of Emirates is a ski resort, SkiDubai, which boasts 22,500 square meters covered with snow. It’s like entering a mountainous area, where you and your family ski, snowboard and play other types of snow rides. There are plenty of attractions and levels of slopes to keep everyone entertained.

At SkiDubai, you can rent all the equipments needed for the activities of your choice, so don’t have to be concerned about bringing your parkas, boots or snowboards. If you’re interested to learn more:

Mall of the Emirates
Sheikh Zayed Road

5. Cook at Top Chef Cooking Studio



I suppose this is the more chill activity among the cool things that I did in Dubai. I learned the art of cooking a 3-course French meal with chef Hadrien Villedeau (@junkfoodman) and loved every bit of it — from preparing the raw ingredients, cooking them and later, presenting the dishes. He picked my dishes as one of the best everytime! I learned that cooking can be very simple (you should see how he cut garlic, fried the prawn or or prepared berry sauce, it was so cincai), but the end result can be amazing. Best bit, I could eat everything the whole group cooked hehe.

If you’re planning to go, check out their cooking class schedule — there are different classes for kids as well as adults, noobs as well as experts — so book accordingly. To learn more:

Top Chef Cooking Studio
Jumeira Road

Til then!

The experiences were sponsored by Tourism Dubai, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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