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Learning how to make osechi


One of the things that I planned on doing in Tokyo, is to go for a session of Japanese cooking class. I did just that over the weekend!

Currently, my school offers a Japanese Culture Class that runs for 6 weeks. It’s meant to teach us the foundation of Japanese culture, covering its past and present. On Fridays we attend classes on culture, while on Saturdays, we get to do cultural activities surrounding a concept, every week.

The 1st culture class was held last week, under the concept of Setsu, where we learned about the Japanese beliefs over the centuries, philosophies and the celebrations they hold every year to mark “milestones”. Among the milestones is the New Year, so over the weekend, we participated in a Japanese osechi cooking class to learn how to cook New Year’s dishes.


We went to home of Japanese cooking specialist at Roppongi. Got sheets of recipes — Mrs Okawa, the cooking specialist who had studied cuisines from different countries taught us how to make 6 different types of dish and how to decorate them. At the same time, she gave us some background on how the Japanese prepare the ingredients and cook them on the day.








Well, it was a worthwhile session 🙂 Preparing the osechi is rather easy. However, I picked up things that I think is applicable at home. Now I know how to prepare decent fish teriyaki or make crunchy prawn rolls!

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