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December 2015

  • Style Diaries

    My Rockport pumps

    I left my career pumps at home when I came to Tokyo, thinking I could do without them, overlooking that I would may need them at some point of time.
    So you know that I don’t really cook masakan Malaysia. Bukan taknak, tapi nampak susah. Bila cuba buat, mostly tak jadi. Hence I’ve been cooking things that I…

  • Life in Tokyo

    My room in Tokyo

    About this time last year, we went to Tokyo and hung out at our friend’s place at Odaiba. It’s the Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC), residence halls built for graduate…

  • Style Diaries

    Problems with my glasses

    I really want to recommend Reliance Optical at Telawi Bangsar and the dude who assisted me the whole time (I forgot his name but it started with an…

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