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The Hitotsubashi reputation


Went to a building in Tokyo and greeted by a fellow Malaysian who follows me on Instagram. Sat down and had a quick chat with her, an economics graduate from a Japanese university in the north, also Malaysian government scholar, who’s now working in Tokyo.

She asked me where I was studying and I told her and she was like:

“Hitotsubashi! OMG that’s a really good school! You must be brilliant to enter!”


Is it really? I asked her. Because prior to Japan I’ve never heard of it.

“Yes it is!!! OMG I wish I could masuk Hitotsubashi, ok. Please be proud that you’re in Hitotsubashi.”

If you say so.

Later, in a bus, someone was asking me where I am currently studying and I told her.


Then she told Mama, who was sitting across me that I must be very smart HAHAHAHAHA.

So this is the Hitotsubashi reputation that our faculty (also Hitotsubashi graduates) was talking about. They’re not just saying it.

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