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My Rockport pumps

I left my career pumps at home when I came to Tokyo, thinking I could do without them, overlooking that I would may need them at some point of time.

Although I’m not so keen on wearing heels, being at a business school, I felt that I’m supposed to, at least when the occasion calls for it e.g. presentations or field visits. So I figured, I needed to shop for black heels that are super comfortable, provides proper arch support, wide enough and is made of soft leather. The kinds that are meant for my broken feet.

Bearing your suggestions in mind, I went to Rockport. Since you say the heels are so comfortable that you can run in them.

I went to Rockport and tried on the heels. The heel is low, the support is good and it’s not so tight. It’s supposed to be so comfortable that I could wear it from 7AM to 7PM.

So how’s my Rockport pumps so far?

It’s more comfortable than the career pumps that I’ve ever owned, but although Rockport is supposed to be among the best for those suffering from aching feet, I think my feet are too screwed that I can’t walk, what more run in them after a certain period of time.

Considering this, when I need to wear Rockport pumps during the day, I’d put them inside my bag and only change into the them when I arrive at the location. That works.

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